When a creature is affected by the maelstrom, they gain an affinity, selectable from fire, water, earth, air, wood, lightning, dark or light. They additionally gain two co-affinities from the others (but may possess no opposing affinities in any of their selections) which expands their potential pool of spheres they may choose from, should they become sphere casters.
Affinity determines what spheres of magic and magical abilities are available to the character and which element they hold the greatest potential with. Each affinity may gain the Destruction sphere or Telekinesis sphere, but their available blast type talents are limited, as detailed, under the type of damage each affinity is linked too, below.

Fire – fire – enhancement, creation
Water – cold – illusion, mind
Earth – force- geomancy, alteration
Air – sonic – warp, protection
Wood- acid-divination, conjuration
Lightning-electricity- time,weather
Dark- dark- dark, death, war
Light- light- light, life, fate
All – telekinesis and destruction

Fire opposes Water, Earth opposes Air, Wood opposes Lightning, and Dark opposes Light.

Additionally, possessing an affinity grants an additional number of bonuses:
Affinity Resistance: You gain /5 elemental resistance vs your affinity element. Unlike other elemental resistance bonuses this does stack with any other sources of the same resistance from items, class features, racial traits, or other sources. The amount of elemental resistance increases to /10 at 10th level and /15 at 20th level.
Thaumaturgy: You gain the ability to manifest your power to produce small tricks and effects related to your affinity.This allows you to create cantrip-like magical effects related
to your element. For example, a fire affinity character could produce a spark, heat an object in his hands, shape an existing flame into a little dancing figure, and so on. These may be used at will and require little effort, having no somatic or verbal components.

Additionally, player characters (the following powers do not apply to most monsters, NPCs, or animal companions/familiars/ etc) may select one of the following abilities. Powerful creatures, divinities, or ‘boss’ monsters may also have one or more of these abilities.

Absorption: Once per day as an immediate action, you can forgo your saving throw vs a spell or effect that deals your affinity’s damage type to gain immunity to your affinity’s element for that attack. At 5th level you may use absorption 3/day, but must wait at least a minute between uses. At 10th level you may use absorption 5/day but must still wait a minute between uses. At 15th level absorption may be used with only 1d4+1 rounds between each use. At 20th level absorption may be used at will, but still requires 1d4+1 rounds between each activation.
Infusion: Once per day as a swift action, you may cause any number of weapons or ammunition you are wielding to become wreathed in your affinity’s elemental energy. This
energy dissipates if you are not holding the weapon. This effect lasts for one minute and on a successful hit deals an additional +1d4 damage of your affinity’s elemental damage (this does not stack with similar properties such as Shock, Frost, etc). At 5th level you may use this ability 3/ day and the damage bonus increases to +1d6. At 10th level, this effect may be used at will and the damage bonus increases to +1d8. At 15th level the additional damage is
multiplied on a critical hit. At 20th level the additional damage bonus increases to +1d10.
Affinity Maelstrom: Once per day, you may create an aura of your affinity’s element that harms your enemies. Any creature you consider hostile within 10 ft radius of you takes 1d10
of your element’s damage each round (fortitude save for half damage with a DC = 10 + 1/2 your level + highest mental modifier) at the start of your turn. This requires a swift action to activate and lasts for one minute. At 5th level you may use this ability 3/day and the range increases to a 20 ft radius. At 10th level the damage increases to 2d10 damage and the range increases to a 30 ft radius. At 15th level the damage increases to 3d10. At 20th level you may use maelstrom at will. It still requires a swift action to activate and may be deactivated with another swift action.
Potential: You gain an extra talent, chosen from one of the spheres associated with your chosen affinity at levels 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. This may only be chosen by characters with a caster level. The chosen spheres or talents may only be selected from your main affinity, not a co-affinity.
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