Resource pool

There are two types of resource pools, personal pools and council pools.
Both pools are representations of resources at the disposal of either the player or the group. Resources are gathered through work actions and are spent to use other actions.
Resource pools are split up into 3 main categories of resources:

Wealth is the pool of Gold or other currency, liquid assets so to speak, that the character or council possess.

Goods is the pool of non-currency resources that the character or council possess.
Goods come in 4 levels and one sub-category, Magic.
Raw materials are level 1 Goods.
Refined materials are level 2 Goods.
Products are level 3 Goods.
Specialty Products are level 4 Goods

Magic is a sub-category of Goods that represent magic items or effort invested in crafting magic items.

Labor is a pool representing the amount of effort and time available to be invested in projects, buildings or goods. Labor comes in 4 levels and one sub-category, Influence.
General Effort is level 1 Labor.
Skilled Effort is level 2 Labor.
Expert Effort is Level 3 Labor.
Master Effort is level 4 Labor.

Influence is a sub-category of labor that represents raw social power or effort invested in building relationships and favors.

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Resource pool

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